Thursday, 15 August 2013

Gay & Straight - chosen stories

Gay & Straight

Blackwork and Flash by Marshall Moore
Gemini by Jacqueline Leung
Honey-Hued Eyes by Zarina Zabrisky
Reputations by Liam Hogan
The Other Half by Lizzy Harries
Underground by C.T. Kingston
What I love About by E. P. Henderson

The event will take place on Monday 9th September - NOT the last Monday of this month (special occasion!) - at The Fringe Club Dairy, and we'll start at 8pm again.

We're tied to Story Worthy Week festival and Pink Season for this event, so we're sure to be packed to the rafters.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Faith & Fear - chosen stories

Chosen Stories for Faith & Fear woohoo!

God Hates Alcoholics by John Robertson
A Kind of Mercy by Matt Brolly
The Curse by Maria Hummer
Faith by Lizzie Harris
Keeping Faith by Jacqueline Leung
The Ties That Bind by Liam Hogan
Petra by Brindley Hallam Dennis

The event will take place on Monday 26th August at McSorleys (Soho) and we'll be joined by brilliant pianist Sophia Yan. We kick off at 8pm; arrive early to secure seats.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Bonerland by John Biggs

Read by Daniel Levia

It wasn’t my first erection, but none of the others made big, strong, manly ideas sprout in my brain like this one. Trailers from the HBO adult channel I’m not supposed to watch. Close ups, still shots, three-D images, starring fourth-grade girls with high school breasts—names and faces optional.

It all seemed pretty weird, but I didn’t care, because suddenly I was faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and owned a body that was way to cool to keep under wraps. For the first time in my life, I could stand naked in the shower room of the Public Swimming Pool and look people in the eye.

Scimitar and Cane by Paul Comrie

Read by Alexandra Jacobs

Cane paid for his perfume. He’d never done that before. The tight-bodied bitch who ran the counter had eyed him considerably while he perused her store.

‘I wondered why I was getting such good service,’ his mother said, out on the Grand Boulevard de Montesquieu. ‘But now I see. It certainly wasn’t my business she was after.’

But Cane daydreamed he’d take this perfume back to the French girl and stand there over the counter. He’d pretend it wasn’t quite right. She’d look askance once. Making pretence for her elbow, he’d reach out. Would she wince?

The Prince of Poland visits the Pieta by Grace Andreacchi

Read by Hin Leung

Concerto con molti strumenti suonati dalle figlie del pio Ospitale della Pietà, avanti sua Altezza Reale, Serenissimo Federico Giovanni Nepomuceno Principe Reale di Polonia et Elettore di Sassonia

The first time I saw Venice, I was only a lad of eighteen. Rumours had reached them of my great love for music, so they took me to hear the famous figlie della Pietà. Although such a visit generally is but a small part of the general obligation for noble visitors, they had prepared a most special concert in my honour. I had heard much of the girls’ accomplishments, still nothing could have prepared me for the astonishing beauty of that moment. I remember it still…