Monday, 4 March 2013

Fairytales & Nightmares - chosen stories!

Here are the 8 stories we've chosen for our March event - Fairytales & Nightmares:

Apple Kiss by Helen Dring
The Maiden Who Outsmarted the Tzar translated by Jelena Curcic, from the recently published 'Serbian Fairytales'
Lie Detector by Sam Carter
Fairy Tail by Liam Hogan
There Goes the Fear by Ysabelle Cheung
Passiflora by Hanne Larsson
Fairytales & Nightmares by Richard Meredith
The Third Son by E.P. Henderson

Thanks to Katy, Marshall, Marysia and Matt for their stellar judging skills!

We're already accepting submissions for our third event - 'East & West' - so please do submit again (and again and again) if you haven't been chosen this time round.

Happy lying!

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